Running Sick


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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Beli in Chicken Sound Studio, Zagreb (

All songs written, arranged and performed by Shin.

Special thanks goes to Niki, Spajki, Felipe & Ficho for their help, support and back vocals recordings.

Shin on this recording were: Sole (guitar), Filip (guitar), Vesela (bass), Kenny (drums) and Tea (vox). Shin at present are: Sole (guitar), Filip (guitar), Šuker (bass), Matija (drums) and Tea (vox).


released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


SHIN Zagreb, Croatia

Five boys & girls playing hardcore/punk.

Matija - drums
Šuker - bass
Sole - guitar
Foch - guitar
Tea - vocals

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Track Name: Pieces (intro)
Tired of filthy reflections
Departed in many directions
In pieces of broken mirror
I saw you as my hero.
Track Name: Weakness of the Finest
On our darkest days and lonely nights
when bare feelings are not in sight
my heart bleeds in agony, of longing,
of everything.
Piece of paper, tons of layers,
wooden pens and erasers.
Writing decay of our greed, our greed,
our everything.
We can lay on the ground and stare at the sun
give ourselves into beliefs of different life.
On your darkest hour you hold this denial
all delusions that you had
were just very odd
and sad.
I will find my sunlight
in rainy cave of myths
yesterday it could be
your anything
my anything.
All delusions that you had.
All delusions...
that you had.
Track Name: Anchors
We walk this path alone
Holding the hand of faith.
Searching for a place to call my home.
Restless and weary
We're rushing through our lives
Burdens we all carry
Just anchors holding us down.
Fighting for peace,
Praying for love
All we ever do is try.
Open your eyes,
Wake from the lies.
This is the truth
Do or die.
Step by step
We're rushing through our lives
Running from the truth
And hiding from the lies.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
Track Name: Certain Getaway
Scream with us in one voice,
We take control with a single chord
That unites us all.
We don't look back to nothingness.
Only sound surround us all.
Scream with us now, scream in one voice
This is our life.
Energy that binds us all, that unites us all
Surround us all.
We refuse to settle for.
From nothingness
We strive for more
From emptyness
That spark that burns inside
From emptyness
My worlds collide.
Track Name: Stubborn or Quitter?
Three years have passed me by
Since I lost my former life.
I gave up, now it's up to you
To give up on this battle,
To desert your war.
We were running through this life
Hoping, never asking why.
Conscience burdening my mind
We were running, running through life.
Give ups and tries
Never asking why.
Track Name: Pull the Curtains Down
In my life I've never felt
So much hope, so much strength
Leavin' the burden, can't wait to see
What tomorrow brings to me.
Now it's time for you to see
How to live and to be free
The time has come for you to know
What life is worth livin' for.
Pull the curtains down
Leave the lies behind
Push the shame aside.
Pull the curtains down
Cannot bare to see
The light that fade in me.
In my life I've never knew
What it takes to push me through
Been afraid, been alone
Been a child of broken home.
Now it's time for you to see
How to love and to breath.
The time has come for you to know
What life is worth
Livin' for.
Track Name: Edge of Reason
Have you ever felt
Like losing control
No salvation is near
If you embrace the fear
Noone believes in essence of Id
What he can be.
I believe in a world of prosperity
Equal rights for all, not stupidity
But in the end
The strength lies in you
A spark of hope that gets you through.

"It is necessary to the happiness of men that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing or disbelieving it consist in proffessing to believe what he does not believe."
(T. Paine, Age of Reason)
Track Name: St. Sanctimonius
When you see a homeless man
Without any goods and property.
Burn that scene in your head
That's the right picture of God's sacred men.

When did you see this picture in your life?
When did you see a priest sharing light?
When did you see one thing that is worth
All your faith and all your trust?

Welcome to the present, say goodbye to the Dark Ages.
Read a book, give hand to the poor.
Don't be blind with your healthy eyes.
Believe in good, not in white and yellow lies.
Track Name: The Weight of Despair
Sometimes I don't know where to go,
where to hide or where else to walk.
Wait, will someone be on the other side?
Will it be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Cut my hands, I don't want to feel
sharp ends of my broken dreams.
Sew my eyes, I don't want to see
rusty soul of my broken dreams.

Now I'm playing my own waiting game,
watching sparks becoming flame.
Will someone please ask me to stop?
Before my body draines last fucking drop.

And now when I have no one else to blame,
this is the risk that I'll have to take.